Are You Struggling With Team Issues?

You've got teams, you've got coaches and you've still got problems. What's the key to solving
the team building puzzle? Frankly, working in teams is a lot of work! The biggest mistake
many companies make is just changing the name of a work group to "team." It won't make
them successful.

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Four Ways of Handling People Who Don’t Like Each Other

Let’s face it. Sometimes people just plain don’t like each other. So what’s a team leader to do in these situations? People usually attribute this sort of problem to strong personalities.  Labeling the problem this way seems to be a justification for not doing anything about it.  After all, one cannot change the basic nature of another person, right?
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You’ve Just Been Promoted to Supervisor, Now What?

There you are sitting at your work station, minding your own business and your manager calls you into his or her office. Slight panic sets in as you wonder what’s up, but before you work yourself up too much, your manager lets you know you’re being promoted to department supervisor. After you get your congratulations, go home and celebrate, it suddenly hits you. Now what!? You don’t know the first thing about being a supervisor. Sure, you’ve watched other supervisors do it, and maybe even thought you could do a better job than that, but now you actually have to do it. Not to mention the fact that yesterday all the people you will be supervising were your peers, some even your friends.  Continue reading…